A Crafty story

Here at Crafty Distillery, in the heart of Dumfries & Galloway, we have a plan.
To create tasty spirits from scratch using new technology and locally sourced ingredients.

What’s Crafty all about? What’s Crafty all about?

We want to offer unique, ‘grain to glass’ craft spirits to everyone who likes a tipple. All done in an approachable and honest way.  

Who are these Crafty buggers? Who are these Crafty buggers?

Crafty is made up of a blend of young-ish award-winning technical wizards, design and advertising professionals, and alcohol industry experts.

What is our mission? What is our mission?

We don’t want to just cater for the gin-thusiasts, vodka connoisseurs or whisky buffs. Nope. We want to create unique craft spirits for you, her, and even him over there. Wherever that may be.

Meet the Crafty buggers

We’re a small and committed team and we’re aiming to stir things up a bit with our mix of creative and technical skills.

Graham Taylor
Graham Taylor

Managing Director

Combining his two passions of talking nonsense and drinking, he’s the man behind Crafty. His plan is to create a more inclusive down-to-earth distillery that puts a big emphasis on high quality craft spirits that don’t take themselves too seriously.


- Graham Taylor
Craig Rankin
Craig Rankin

Head of Product R&D

He has a wealth of experience in the food and drink industry. Well travelled and always looking for new inspiration, this boy knows his flavours. He’ll be busy helping us cook up some tasty gins and complex whiskies.

- Craig Rankin
Michael Kinlan
Michael Kinlan

Brand Director

His experience in creating advertising and marketing for irreverent brands means he’s earned himself the dubious title of ‘The Don Draper of Dumfries’.

- Michael Kinlan