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Billy&Co Whisky – Founders Club

Come with us on our journey to develop an exceptional Single Malt Scotch Whisky. As a ‘Founder’ you’ll help us to refine our signature distilling formula. This foundation will allow us to create a unique whisky that offers a new level of quality, aroma and taste in years to come.

This is going to be a Single Malt Scotch Whisky made with the people for the people. But, if you want to be one of those people, don’t hang around. There’s a limit of 695 members.

As a member you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • 17x5cl unique new make spirit samples, sent out in six separate boxes.
  • Beautifully printed membership confirmation, sent out a few days after you join.
  • The chance to buy our first Single Malt Whisky bottlings and cask releases.
  • A whole range of exclusive member offers and benefits.

For membership outside the UK, please email info@craftydistillery.com for pricing.


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A founders club like no other

As an exclusive member we’ll send you a series of experimental aged new make spirit samples. After you’ve tried each one, you simply have to share your thoughts with us. That’s why Billy&Co is whisky for sharing.

Your feedback, along with our own scientific studies, will help us uncover the ‘holy grail’ formula of malted barley variety, yeast strain, fermentation length and process. Ultimately making sure our new make spirit captures the maximum oily smoothness and rich flavours. Yum.

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Your 17 new make spirit samples will each have been individually aged in ex-Bourbon casks for 2-3 months. And every one will be unique in the choice of malted barley, yeast and fermentation process. All you have to do it take a seat, relax and enjoy your very own tasting session (including a good nose first of course).

Then, simply share your thoughts with us online, which will include questions on the key characteristics of each sample. We’ll then work some scientific magic to inform the next wave of samples. Each time we’ll be crafting towards the end result – the ultimate new make spirit.

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Your samples will come out in six separate – and pretty snazzy – Billy&Co boxes.

Box 1: 4x 5cl new make spirit-range of barley, yeast and processes. Also, included is a 5ml water dropper bottle to help accurately dilute the samples, along with a booklet covering the process.
Box 2: 4x 5cl new make spirit-range of barley, yeast and processes
Box 3: 4x 5cl new make spirit-range of barley, yeast and processes
Box 4: 2x 5cl new make spirit-led by feedback from box 1-3
Box 5: 2x 5cl new make spirit-led by feedback from box 1-4
Box 6: 1x 5cl new make spirit-led by feedback from box 1-5

Your membership also includes the chance to buy our first Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky bottlings, individual casks releases and other exclusive offers and benefits for Founders. View T&Cs Here

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The great thing about being a Founders Club member is not having to wait too long to try Billy&Co. We’ll be sending out the first box in May 2021 and the rest over the coming months.

Throughout the journey, we’ll keep you up to speed with everything – sharing as much as we can along the way. Look out for our newsletter too. And, who knows, there might even be the odd online tasting session.

We’re looking forward to having you on-board.

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