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Galloway Vodka Limited Edition – 50cl 40% ABV + FREE DELIVERY

We have long crafted a vodka to form the beating heart of our Hills & Harbour Gin and our other spirits. After over 2 years of being asked if we would ever release a vodka on it’s own, we decided it was long over due to give you all a taste of this creamy spirit. In the usual Crafty style we took the purity, smoothness and flavour to the next level.

IMPORTANT. For delivery to Highlands & Islands or for outside the UK please call 01671404040 Monday to Friday, 9am – 5:30pm.


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What makes Galloway Vodka so special?

Local wheat and water combine in our 7 day fermentation process to create maximum character and mouth feel. Multiple distillations are followed by a 24 hour filtration process through the most porous of carbons, coconut shell carbon. This crafts a spirit of exceptional purity and taste.With only 1,000 bottles being released this is sure to make a great gift or be enjoyed in your own glass.

Tasting notes – Soft cream soda, light toffee with subtle biscuit notes. Neutral and smoothTo serve: Rocks glass over ice with a twist of fresh lemon peel, or with the mixer of your choice.


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Hand made from scratch

An all out approach has been taken to create something really special. Extremely long fermentation and filtering times way beyond anything the industry would consider, creates purity with character and smoothness. Also, to ensure this special vodka looked the part we really took the time to hand craft every single element. From beautiful packaging and design all the way through to applying each label and fulfilling each bottle into the presentation case by hand.

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Putting the Graft in Craft

At Crafty Distillery, we believe that if you’re going to say craft then you better do the graft. That means we go much farther to create products that are made to a true craft standard that ensures taste, integrity and value sit at the heart of everything we do.

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DISTILLERY RE-OPENING 15.07.20 - We are pleased to say will be opening our distillery shop & tours once again. COVID-safe measures are now in place to ensure your and our safety. Please also note, face masks are mandatory now in Scotland's shops.