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What's Crafty All About?

Here at the Crafty Distillery we have a plan.

Using new technology, our own grain spirit and locally sourced ingredients
we want to create tasty, wallet-pleasing spirits for everyone who likes a tipple.

We're a small committed team and we believe if a job’s worth doing,
it’s worth doing properly.


We’re from Scotland. The country that brought the world some great inventions and ideas.

That’s why our logo is a little bolt of inspiration.

We want to carry on this tradition of innovation by using new distilling methods and equipment to create products that are a bit different.


We don’t want to just cater for the gin-thusiasts, vodka connoisseurs or whisky buffs. Nope. We want to create unique craft spirits for you, her, and even him over there.

In the spirit of spirty togetherness, we promise only two things:

1) You won't have to re-mortgage your house to buy our stuff.

2) We won't bamboozle you with crazy ingredients, distilling jargon or trendy nonsense.

All served with a dash of humour and a slice of enthusiasm.



Ever heard of ‘base spirit’? Well, it’s the main ingredient that all spirits are made of.

Getting this magical stuff right plays a big part in making a tasty drop.

We do things differently because we make our own wheat base spirit from local grain. This adds a smooth mouth feel and delicate sweet flavour to the base of our gin.

Yes, it's a bit off a faff, but at Crafty we don't like to cut corners.

Meet the Crafty Buggers

A small and committed team who like to stir things up a bit with a mix of creative and technical skills.

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