A Crafty story

Here at Crafty Distillery, in the heart of Dumfries & Galloway, we have a plan.
To create tasty spirits from scratch using new technology and locally sourced ingredients.

What’s Crafty all about? What’s Crafty all about?

We want to offer unique, ‘grain to glass’ craft spirits to everyone who likes a tipple. All done in an approachable and honest way.  

Who are these Crafty buggers? Who are these Crafty buggers?

Crafty is made up of a blend of young-ish award-winning technical wizards, design and advertising professionals, and alcohol industry experts.

What is our mission? What is our mission?

We don’t want to just cater for the gin-thusiasts, vodka connoisseurs or whisky buffs. Nope. We want to create unique craft spirits for you, her, and even him over there. Wherever that may be.

Hills & Harbour – A refreshing craft gin

£33 +P&P

Galloway is our home and a sociable corner of Scotland. Surrounded by forests and unspoilt coastline, it’s the perfect larder for our ingredients. Noble Fir Pine needles and Bladderwrack seaweed, balanced with 9 other botanicals make this a complex and refreshing gin.

Tasting notes
Sweet and peppery juniper is balanced with hints of forest fir, tropical fruit, citrus spice, tangy sherbet and a subtle scent of the shore.Serving up
We suggest getting inventive and serving it anyway you like, but if you need some inspiration, here are two ways we like to serve Hills & Harbour gin.

Simple serve
Pour a 50ml measure of Hills & Harbour over plenty of ice, add tonic and a slice of fresh mango to garnish.

Fancy Dan serve
Pour a 50ml measure of Hills & Harbour over plenty of ice and add tonic. Here’s the twist. Take a pinch of toasted and powdered Sichuan pepper and sprinkle it over a slice of fresh mango and pop it in.

Click one of the buttons below to be taken to PayPal. If you want more than 11 bottles email graham@craftydistillery.com and we’ll cut you a deal.


Crafty Distillery – Tour, Taste & Mix

Get your taste buds at the ready because we are now taking tour bookings for when we open our doors in the Spring of 2017.

But it’s not your bog standard distillery tour. Not only will you get a guided tour around our modern distillery and learn about the liquid-sorcery that is distilling, you’ll also get an informative tasting session taking you through the flavour profiles of our gins. And then as a tasty finish to your tour, there’s a cocktail mixing session.

All for an introductory offer of £40. NICE.

Click the ‘What To Expect’ button below for more details and then click the ‘Buy’ button to book your Crafty session.

Ages 18 and over only please. T&Cs apply.


1. We begin with a short welcome and overview of the distillery

2. Then we take you on a tour of the facility. That covers the full grain to glass process.

3. We give you an overview of how gin is made and the main botanicals involved. You get to handle, taste and smell each one.

20-30 minutes.


1. An overview of the tasting process. How to get the most out of it etc

2. Tasting session with our team. This includes 4x gins. Our signature gin, and 3x other unique Crafty gins not available on the market.

35-40 minutes.


1. Mixology presentation. This comes with cheat sheets and advice on making classic cocktails and servings.

2. Cocktail mixing session. This includes 4x cocktails. ‘Crafty Mojito’, ‘Crafty Gin Martini’, ‘Crafty Punch’ and ‘Crafty Lassi’.

35-45 minutes.

Booking Cost: For a booking of 1-10 people the cost is £40 per person. For larger bookings of 10+ there is a group discount, please contact graham@craftydistillery.com to organise your booking.

Booking size: We can take up to 10 people in one session, with a minimum of 2 people. If you are booking for only 1 person, we will pair you with the next available group. If you are booking for 2 or more, we are happy to run this as a private group, but if you want to be a part of a larger group then we will arrange this. We are flexible.

Bookings Larger Than 10: Please Email us at graham@craftydistillery.com to organise payment.

Duration: The Tour, Taste & Mix will usually take around 1:30 hrs to 2:00 hrs depending on the group size, and would start either in the late afternoon or early evening. We would generally suggest Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but week days are also possible.

Once you have booked via PayPal we will we’ll get in touch and send out a Crafty Tour voucher.


Keeping everyone in good spirits

We think it’s time for everyone to join in the tasty world of craft spirits. That’s why we’re setting up Crafty Distillery. That way we can create our own high-quality spirits and then offer them to a wider audience.

What’s more, we’ll do it in an approachable way. There’ll be no twirling moustaches or made up histories on our bottles. We wont try to be achingly cool either.

And, rather than constantly promising everlasting happiness in a glass, we promise two things.

1) We’ll create unique products at a sensible price.
2) We’ll treat our customers like normal people.

All served with a dash of humour and a slice of enthusiasm. Huzzah!



Doing things properly

Ever heard of ‘base spirit’? Well, it’s the main ingredient that all spirits are made of.

Getting this magical stuff right plays a big part in making a tasty drop.

We do things differently because we’ve formulated a special recipe that includes our own wheat grain spirit, creating our unique Crafty taste.

Yes, it’s a bit off a faff, but at Crafty we don’t like to cut corners.


Developing tasty products

First we’ll make Gin…
And not just any old gin. We’ll get our crafty juices flowing and create some distinctive botanical combinations, just like our Hills & Harbour Gin.

then Vodka…
All too often vodka tastes a bit dull. But, our philosophy is simple. Vodka should be pure, but not bland. So, just like our gin, we’ll take the same creative approach and produce some new and unexpected flavours.

and even some Whisky
From day one it’s our plan to produce some barrels of whisky. But, to give it a Crafty twist, it’ll be made with unusual grain choices. And, there’ll probably be some unique maturation methods thrown in for good measure too.



A bolt of inspiration

We’re from Scotland. The country that brought the world some great inventions and ideas. That’s why our logo is a little bolt of inspiration. We want to carry on this tradition of innovation by using new distilling methods and equipment to create products that are a bit different.


Contact us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM or use the form below

Meet the Crafty buggers

We’re a small and committed team and we’re aiming to stir things up a bit with our mix of creative and technical skills.

Graham Taylor
Graham Taylor

Managing Director

Combining his two passions of talking nonsense and drinking, he’s the man behind Crafty. His plan is to create a more inclusive down-to-earth distillery that puts a big emphasis on high quality craft spirits that don’t take themselves too seriously.


- Graham Taylor
Craig Rankin
Craig Rankin

Head of Product R&D

He has a wealth of experience in the food and drink industry. Well travelled and always looking for new inspiration, this boy knows his flavours. He’ll be busy helping us cook up some tasty gins and complex whiskies.

- Craig Rankin
Michael Kinlan
Michael Kinlan

Brand Director

His experience in creating advertising and marketing for irreverent brands means he’s earned himself the dubious title of ‘The Don Draper of Dumfries’.

- Michael Kinlan
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